Breadbox Makeover 

This weekend was a lazy weekend. I mean lazy as in no makeup, sweats wearing, reading on the couch (and bed) watching football – lazy weekend. Somehow in all that laziness I managed to squeeze in a little spray painting (I can’t help myself, I’m addicted).

There in the laundry room sat an old breadbox that I have but haven’t used in a long time because well it’s just on longer my “style”. With a little revamping and it is now definitely my style! I am giddy over how simple this project was and even more so about how it turned out. 

The before (I started spraying before I realized I didn’t take a picture)
Sprayed an Antique White
with Antique Glaze

I hand painted the word “Bread” on the front (don’t zoom in to close or your see my shaky handy work) and sanded the edges a bit for instant aging, added a black grosgrain ribbon and VIOLA!