Finally got the freaking concrete floor painted!

 This part of the project had to be the MOST annoying home project that I have ever had the displeasure to do. Once the sunroom was cleared of all our “stuff”, we decided to give the floor a good cleaning. We borrowed our neighbor’s very powerful power washer and saw that after years of neglect and a super duper powerful washer.. layers of paint started to come off the floors. ugh – this led to the hubby and I had to scrap the concrete floors.

Yes, scrap – on our hands and knees, with scrapers. It took a few full weekends to complete this project and we eventually learned (the hard way) that the previous owners took the cheap route with the whole construction of this sunroom. There was eventually 3 layers of paint that needed to be scraped off to get to the concrete floor. Like I said, the most annoying project ever!

Now it is done.. not perfect – but done. Please do not look at this post as a “how to paint your concrete floors” post, but more of a “ohmygod, we finally got it freaking done” post.

We chose (after asking a ton of people’s opinions and me going back to the 1st color I picked) Behr’s Epoxy Garage Floor paint in “Brownstone”. It looks like melted chocolate. I am very happy with the color.

hey at least I got to look at this every weekend… yummmmm

Here is the finished floor (and hubby’s shirt) 🙂 I really am happy with the way it all turned out.