My 2nd Blogiversary and my 1st GIVEAWAY!!

 Can you believe it’s been TWO YEARS since I started this blog? I hope you have enjoyed the posts and pictures I try to give you each weekday. I am nowhere near the talent of some bloggers out there, but I try to make this blog a little interesting and fun – all while holding a full time job and being a mom and wife. You might not think that blogging is hard work, it’s not hard work, but it is work. Every once in a while it starts taking its toll, but seeing my followers “grow” makes it all worth it.

Finding things to blog about is never ending, but I do worry about whether it is as interesting to you – my followers, as it is to me. Getting people to comment it something I hope with every post. In case you didn’t know, comments on my posts are MUCH appreciated. 🙂 So to see if I can scurry up some new followers and to show my appreciate to those followers that I already have, I decided to switch things up and have a GIVEAWAY! My 1st and depending on how this goes, maybe notmy last? 🙂 

So what’s the prize you ask? I dunno. Really – I don’t. I do know that I will put together a fun package filled with all things Fall related (the season)! It is right around the corner and my favorite time of the year. Seems fitting don’tchathink? Trust me when I say that it will be filled with things that I think are deem “adorable”. And hey it’s free – so no complaining!

So here is what you need to do..
~ If you are already a follow, please leave a comment on this post.
~ Become a follower of this blog and let me know with a comment!
~ Want another chance to win? Just blog about it on your blog and then leave a comment letting me know (2 entries). Pushy, I know but hey, how else am I going to pimp myself out here??  

GOOD LUCK and thank you!!!!