A pumpkin filled day

I was browsing the web for different recipe ideas for my oldest daughter’s “last” meal before she is off to college tomorrow. She requested one of her favorite meal of Ravioli’s with a Sage Pumpkin Sauce (I’ll post the recipe later). I found so many interest dishes, for all kinds of courses – all with pumpkin as an ingredient. If you love pumpkins and all things Fall, well this really going to excite yah.
I had fun planning out a day’s worth of meals with all kinds of recipes for my “pumpkin day”. 
I think 1st I would maybe start my day with a cup of coffee and double-decker pumpkin bread, with perhaps a schmear of pumpkin butter.

Then for lunch I could whip up this simple pumpkin bean soup with warm crusty bread. How good does that look?

For dinner, I had a hard time deciding. There was just too many delicious looking meals to choose from – Ravioli’s with Pumpkin Sage Sauce (a fave in this house).

 or maybe this yummy dish Pumpkin Risotto

Now on to the best pumpkin meal of the day – DESSERT! Honestly I could easily link over 50 delicious looking pumpkin dessert recipes, so here is a site, and also here. The dessert I would choose to end my “pumpkin day” would have to be Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake. Mmmm Hershey Heaven

I hope you enjoyed my Pumpkin Day. Do you have any favorite Pumpkin recipes to add to this day? I would love if you shared them with me!