Slowly Adding a Bit of Halloween

  These past 2 weeks have had me so busy. I still haven’t had a chance to get out all my Fall decorations, let alone my Halloween stuff. I have just had so much on my plate. The hubby and I took off this past weekend for an Anniversary trip to Lake George NY, it was wonderful and very romantic, but I came home with a camera filled with a few completed projects and bunch of future posts. I really need to sit down and get a few posts done! 

This year for decorations, I decided to do something different with the mantel – a black and white theme. Most of the stuff I am using is from either my backyard (the branches) and the Dollar store, and almost all are have reused from last year or years past.

1st are a few pics of the mantel.  
These pumpkins I picked up from the Dollar Store. Originally they were orange, but (gasp) I wasn’t a fan of the color so they got sprayed white.
I used a cheap glossy white spray (Walmart) and then just repainted the stems with a brown paint.
Very Simple. The white ceramic pumpkins are from the Dollar store and I put them in a votive “nest” candle trio from Target (on sale last year at Target). Aren’t they cute?
I sprayed a few branches white and put them into silver candle holders and then “hung” the skeletons. They were originally a “bone” color (Dollar Store) and that didn’t really work with the whole white and black theme, so they got sprayed too. And then I added a large spider. 

The netting is from the Dollar store as is the spiders. I think it adds a little goth to it all. Now I need your help. What to do with the plain white candles that flank both sides of the mantel? Should I add more spiders? Maybe an “eek” or a “boo” lettering? Maybe wrap ribbon around them holding bones? Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated! 

Here is my spooky Halloween mantel

I just love the ravens sitting on top of the little in the milk bowl. These displays are sitting on my buffet as you walk into the house.

This “boo” was a print out (after a long debate over the font) and the frame is also from the Dollar store. The witches are a favorite of mine that I have used for the past 10 years.

I love the faces on these witches.