Great Minds Think the Same Great Paint Color

 I know that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s true. I Googled my finalized paint color (Carolina Inn Aqua Club) so I could show you a better picture of the color that I had chosen for my kitchen walls (my pics sucked) and I came across this GREAT blog “Young House Love”. They used the same paint color for their Master bedroom and does it ever look fantastic. It actually makes me a little nervous that I am using it on my kitchen walls. Maybe it’s not the perfect kitchen wall color, but more of a bedroom wall color? What do you think? Sigh. I think I shouldn’t 2nd guess myself. Oh, and BTW – This blog is AMAZING! Please don’t tell me that I am the last to know about it? I am hooked and even added to my sidebar of blogs I heart.

I did not want to use YHL’s pictures without their permission, so I linked up to their site instead.
Here are my inspirations for the wall color.