What’s on your kitchen walls?

 Happy Monday Chicas! Was your weekend all you hoped it would be? Did you get all your painting done this weekend? Oh wait was that just me? As much as I say I love to paint (and I do) I am really getting anxious to get this kitchen over with already. And when I say anxious, I actually mean turning-into-a-real-cranky-bitch. There are just so many things are left to do with one small room. I swear my list keeps getting longer and longer and longer… you get the picture. 

Let’s have a look at that list shall we?
So far we have completed:
-Replacing the back wall and added more insulation
-Laid down new tiles floors ( I still am in love with this floors)
-We painted the walls
and that’s it.

We still need to:
-Put up the baseboards and the crown molding
-Cut the pantry door to fit back in the now shorter door way. Originally I had wanted to get a new door but the old pantry door is good enough for now.
-Add new kick plates for under the cabinets (I had an idea to paint them black)
-Add decorative legs for the under cabinets. (part of that idea)
-Make a new kitchen island. We have the granite counter top but we need more cabinet space so I am looking for a buffet or old cabinets to make an island. Another idea
-Add wood blinds for the window over the sink.
-Replace hinges for the cabinets to hidden hinges.
-Touch up the paint on the cabinets, refinish the antiquing glaze and then finally add polyurethane.
Ughhh .. This list is much longer than the “done” list. 

Now onto a bigger issue that I realized this weekend. Originally I had wanted to keep the lettering over the stove, but once the new paint was next to the old paint, I realized I did not care for the 2 next to each other.  So now what do I put on the walls?
I had thought to get the letters E A T, but sigh it’s very popular in the blogworld. I am now trying to think of something different – fresh and new.. something unexpected and fun.
Maybe something like these fabulous corkscrew prints

How about something unexpected like this owl print

Something New from Etsy perhaps?
How about this adorable Wine print

This typography wine list is just too cute. Hmm maybe enough with the wine related prints already? Yah’ll might think I have a problem. 🙂

Oh I am loving this Eat Print

So question… what’s on your kitchen walls? A chalkboard, family pictures, vintage letters? I need ideas here people!
I thank you kindly.