Month: February 2018

Rearranging Furniture ~ just for the Kinect

 Yep.. you read that correct – we rearranged the living/dining room – all because this gorgeous 12 year got the Kinect for her birthday and I needed more space to play the games.

Ok so maybe it might have also been an excuse for me to take an opportunity to spruce up the room. It wasn’t been touch in 3 years… that’s FOREVER ago. I usually switch things around with every seasonal change. Three years ago we got the ginormous leather sectional and I never thought to flip the room around. I gotta say I should have done it sooner cause this new layout rocks!
I will be the 1st to admit I am at loss on what to do with these big walls. I really am. Every idea I have had an idea it just seem to get lost on the walls.

Here is the old layout of the room. I was already in the the process of moving things out of the way when I realized :maybe I should “take before pics and blog about it”. Typical me 🙂

The room is a combination room with the back half having the family room. It has a ginormous leather section, a round leather ottoman/coffee table, a large screen TV, my Pottery Barn floor light (circa 1999) and a sofa table (an Ikea bookcase on its side). I didn’t realize how much everything was hidden behind that sofa table until I looked at these pics. And yep I already know beige the room is.

The other half of the room (the one you walked up too) is considered the dining room. Here is view from the far wall looking into the dining/kitchen area. These were taken before the kitchen paint job. Notice the balloons hanging from the chandelier?

Just a sidenote: I also realized how much I SUCK at taking pictures with my smaller digital camera. I am always in awe at how talented the women out in blogland are with their amazing pictures. Not much of that going on here. I really need to get on that. 
And now for the new layout.

Notice all the newly found room for playing games and entertaining? I have a ton of space for my Zumba. The hubby even put wheels on the coffee table/ottoman. We can now roll it out of the way whenever we need the space. How cool is my husband? I made an off hand comment about how I wished the ottoman had wheels on it and he did it ASAP! I love that man.

View from the back wall looking into the kitchen. The plan for that room is a new dining set and a new lighting fixture. I already have a ton of inspiration pictures saved for that project but one room at a time.
I put away the orange floral pillows (in the above picture) since those are my warm weather pillows. I now have these beauties on the couch. $15 for 2 at Ross. I also placed the rug that was under the dining set, under the sectional. It’s a temporary fix until we get a new rug. Notice the faux fur brown throw?  I love the look of these colors together but the brown rug made it to dark in this corner. 
There is still so much I want to do with these 2 rooms. First off – a new rug under the couch and I love love me some animal prints. Zebra and leopard are my absolutely favorite! So it would make sense to have the new rug be a brown zebra stripe rug. It’s super stylish and pretty much timeless and it definitely scream “Me” all over it. My only fear is this rug might be too light for the space. There is, and trust me I know, a whole lot of beige in this room. 
So a solution might be to perhaps use the same pattern but in a darker shade? 
I actually do have a vision for the this room. I mean what kind of person would I be to go into this all willy nilly with these rooms? 🙂 It’s based loosely on this inspirational picture from Decorpad. I just love how each color in this picture pops. Notice the browns, oranges and touches of turquoise? That’s my vision.. to incorporate all of these colors into my space and have them POP. I figure right now I have a blank canvas with all the beiges, so on to the colors.   
So let me have it. What do you think about the new layout and the plans for the space?  I would love to hear your feedback! 
I would….

Great Minds Think the Same Great Paint Color

 I know that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s true. I Googled my finalized paint color (Carolina Inn Aqua Club) so I could show you a better picture of the color that I had chosen for my kitchen walls (my pics sucked) and I came across this GREAT blog “Young House Love”. They used the same paint color for their Master bedroom and does it ever look fantastic. It actually makes me a little nervous that I am using it on my kitchen walls. Maybe it’s not the perfect kitchen wall color, but more of a bedroom wall color? What do you think? Sigh. I think I shouldn’t 2nd guess myself. Oh, and BTW – This blog is AMAZING! Please don’t tell me that I am the last to know about it? I am hooked and even added to my sidebar of blogs I heart.

I did not want to use YHL’s pictures without their permission, so I linked up to their site instead.
Here are my inspirations for the wall color.


Comparing Acorns to Acorns

 While I was taking a Pottery Barn decorating class a few weeks ago, I picked up a PB hurricane candle holder with intentions of filling it with faux acorns (just like PB), but Pottery Barn sold their faux acorns for $14 a bag. Um no, thank you. I’ll try and find them cheaper 

and I did. Walmart had them for $3 a bag. Yep, just $3. The bags are smaller than PB’s but 2 bags make up the difference and all for still just for $6. Yes – thank you very much!

My Hurricane candle holder with those $3 acorns. 

A pumpkin filled day

I was browsing the web for different recipe ideas for my oldest daughter’s “last” meal before she is off to college tomorrow. She requested one of her favorite meal of Ravioli’s with a Sage Pumpkin Sauce (I’ll post the recipe later). I found so many interest dishes, for all kinds of courses – all with pumpkin as an ingredient. If you love pumpkins and all things Fall, well this really going to excite yah.
I had fun planning out a day’s worth of meals with all kinds of recipes for my “pumpkin day”. 
I think 1st I would maybe start my day with a cup of coffee and double-decker pumpkin bread, with perhaps a schmear of pumpkin butter.

Then for lunch I could whip up this simple pumpkin bean soup with warm crusty bread. How good does that look?

For dinner, I had a hard time deciding. There was just too many delicious looking meals to choose from – Ravioli’s with Pumpkin Sage Sauce (a fave in this house).

 or maybe this yummy dish Pumpkin Risotto

Now on to the best pumpkin meal of the day – DESSERT! Honestly I could easily link over 50 delicious looking pumpkin dessert recipes, so here is a site, and also here. The dessert I would choose to end my “pumpkin day” would have to be Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake. Mmmm Hershey Heaven

I hope you enjoyed my Pumpkin Day. Do you have any favorite Pumpkin recipes to add to this day? I would love if you shared them with me!

Pottery Barn Fall decorating class

 This past Sunday I finally got to attend a free Decorating Class hosted by my local Pottery Barnstore. This class was all about the Fall. I’ve been trying to get to one of these classes, for ohhh the past year? Have you ever been? It’s pretty cool. The class is only about 45 minutes long and conducted while the store was closed to the public. They also give you time to shop after the class, again all while the store is closed. A very nice touch.

This year I loved how PB is bringing the outdoor elements indoors, yeah they did this last year, but this year it’s even more so. The store was filled with tons of leaves, acorns, pumpkins and all kinds of branches. I came away with lots of ideas and oh yeah, a few new candle holders. The store actually wasn’t completely set-up with all their Fall items. The instructor mentioned by this weekend they should be decorated completely. Exciting. I thought I would share pics of the class and some of the stuff that got me excited!

Love the arrays of lanterns, LED pumpkins and especially the Raven perched on top. Also the words “Autumn Glow” is a great wording idea for the Fall. 

This simple place setting that was really was gorgeous in real life.I loved all the layers and the colors were so “me”.

My favorite – white pumpkins. I love how simple this display is but still had me making a beeline right over to get a closer look.


This birdcage was huge, but so stylish done. The inside was filled with candles, candle holders, wrought iron birds and faux vines with leaves. Gorgeous, but I have no idea where one would house it?

The “goods” for the decorating class

Our instructor working on a project.


a finished project

oh you also get a 10% discount that can be used that day. So I got 2 of these simple hurricane candle holders. I have visions of filling them with acorns and orange candles. 

I highly recommend checking out the Pottery Barn website for upcoming classes near you. Or you can subscribe to their newsletter and they will let you know whats coming up next!
I’m linking this up to Nifty Tuesdays, It’s so very Cheri and Makes it your day!

Finally got the freaking concrete floor painted!

 This part of the project had to be the MOST annoying home project that I have ever had the displeasure to do. Once the sunroom was cleared of all our “stuff”, we decided to give the floor a good cleaning. We borrowed our neighbor’s very powerful power washer and saw that after years of neglect and a super duper powerful washer.. layers of paint started to come off the floors. ugh – this led to the hubby and I had to scrap the concrete floors.

Yes, scrap – on our hands and knees, with scrapers. It took a few full weekends to complete this project and we eventually learned (the hard way) that the previous owners took the cheap route with the whole construction of this sunroom. There was eventually 3 layers of paint that needed to be scraped off to get to the concrete floor. Like I said, the most annoying project ever!

Now it is done.. not perfect – but done. Please do not look at this post as a “how to paint your concrete floors” post, but more of a “ohmygod, we finally got it freaking done” post.

We chose (after asking a ton of people’s opinions and me going back to the 1st color I picked) Behr’s Epoxy Garage Floor paint in “Brownstone”. It looks like melted chocolate. I am very happy with the color.

hey at least I got to look at this every weekend… yummmmm

Here is the finished floor (and hubby’s shirt) 🙂 I really am happy with the way it all turned out. 


Decorating by the Bay

 What do you get a man who has everything for Father’s Day? Well, you paint the interior of his summer house of course! No? What -that’s not the normal Father’s Day gift? Well, that’s exactly what the hubby and I got my FIL and let me tell you it was a huge P.I.T.A.! The ceilings were insanely high and we had a ladder that didn’t quite make it to the top.

Thank god for extension poles and duct tape! The hubby did an awesome job and reaching them and making it look professionally done! I gotta say it looks great! I still have a few craft projects that I am doing for the shore house, and we are also planning on getting my MIL new “beachy” side lamps. We hope that this “gift” goes over well, because my FIL has been wanting this done for a loooooong time. I think major brownies points were scored-BIG time!!

Before – all white walls (excuse the mess
After – the color is subtle for sure

Just for the record, those fake flowers are not my idea of decorating.
This was after I threw away 3 baskets of them! ugh
We did manage to stop painting just to sit on the deck and enjoy this view

Barnegat Lighthouse

 Breadbox Makeover 

This weekend was a lazy weekend. I mean lazy as in no makeup, sweats wearing, reading on the couch (and bed) watching football – lazy weekend. Somehow in all that laziness I managed to squeeze in a little spray painting (I can’t help myself, I’m addicted).

There in the laundry room sat an old breadbox that I have but haven’t used in a long time because well it’s just on longer my “style”. With a little revamping and it is now definitely my style! I am giddy over how simple this project was and even more so about how it turned out. 

The before (I started spraying before I realized I didn’t take a picture)
Sprayed an Antique White
with Antique Glaze

I hand painted the word “Bread” on the front (don’t zoom in to close or your see my shaky handy work) and sanded the edges a bit for instant aging, added a black grosgrain ribbon and VIOLA!

My Version of Pottery Barn’s Peace Ornaments


This was a craft project that I did last year and I thought I would share it again. yes, I love them that much! 

December 22nd 2009 – Last week I showed you that I made these? I first saw them on the cover my of Pottery Barn catalog and I just knew I had to try it. My first stop was to find the Peace signs. Michael’s and AC Moore turned up nothing. So I turned to Etsy and of course I found them there. The shop is called Texas ArtCraft and they have wooden shapes for just about everything!

Here is my inspiration along with the wooden shapes.
1st I spray painted them silver.

Next you’ll need Mod Podge and Glitter – ultra fine silver glitter. I found mine at AC Moore, but I am sure any craft store carries it. After spraying both sides, allow to dry completely. I used silver spray in case I missed any spots with the glitter, the silver shows through, not the wood.

Next step is to brush Mod Podge all over one side. It doesn’t dry super fast, so you have time to make sure you put on a nice even coat. If there are any drips around the edges, just wipe them off before you go to the next step – sprinkling the glitter.

Move the peace sign onto a clean piece of paper and sprinkle the glitter all over it. Word of warning – this stuff is still all over my table. It’s hard to clean it up and stinks to everything Make sure you are working on a surface that you don’t mind glitter getting all over.

Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes then tap off the excess glitter. Once that side is dry, flip it over and do the same thing to the other side. As an extra step, once both sides were completely dry, I took a small brush and touched up the edges with glue and glitter. Then just string with thin silver a ribbon and hang! 

Quick Tip: I found if you stick a tooth pick through the hole at the start of the whole process, it’s helps to make sure the hanging hole stays open!

Here is the finished ornament. Just as cute and half the price.

Burlap Runner

Yeah, I finally finished it! This actually took me about 2 weeks to complete – start to finish. Only because I was in the midst of doing other crafty things. So last night I made myself stop and iron on the satin ribbon accents since that was all I had left to do. Isn’t it darling? I am really happy with how it turned out. And guess what? No sewing was involved. Which is great for me, since I can’t sew worth a darn. My secret? I used the iron on glue strips (the best invention for the non-sewers like me).

Here’s what I did. I measured out the burlap for space I was going to place the runner. This is on a bookcase that is on its side, up against the back of my leather sectional. To make the ends nice and neat, I used the iron on glue strips. Folded back the ends, used straight pins to hold it and then ironed. Removing the pins and me ironed it. I printed out the word “Serenity” in a font that I loved. I used the word “Serenity” because it makes me feel calm and happy looking at it.
Another thought was to monogrammed it with a “~C~” which would also look great. I then turned the paper over to the back (yes the back) and used charcoal pencils to write the word backward. Place the paper charcoal side down exactly where you want the word to be and using a hard object, firmly go back and forth over the word so the charcoal “word” imprints on the burlap. I then use brown paint to paint over the charcoal. Again – I used the glue strips to iron on the orange satin ribbons. Seriously EASY and I think, rather gorgeous. Looking at the pics, I can see that I need more Fall stuff!