Best Cleaning Tool For Your Carpet

Cleaning the house is one of the routine practices that we all do regularly. However, there are those cleaning practices that we skip doing very often as well – and we all know what they are. This is because they consume a lot of time and energy, including cleaning the carpet.

Most times, we do not even clean the carpet ourselves, we take it to the carpet cleaners. Still, according to Rochester Carpet Cleaning Pro, it is important to keep your carpets clean so that you stay healthy.

However, it is important to know that there are good carpet cleaners in the market today. In addition to making carpet cleaning easier and less time consuming, they also enable you to save a lot of money. For more information, you check here.

Choosing the best cleaning tool for your carpet

How clean your carpet is determined by the cleaning tool you use.

There are different types of carpets today and how to clean each of them is important. This is because it determines their durability and how clean they become. There are different cleaning tools depending on the type of carpet you have. Below is a list of some of the most common types of carpets and the most effective cleaning tools:

Shag carpets:  These are particularly difficult to clean without damaging them. This is because the fibers of these carpets are not very firmly held, and they are therefore easily pulled. It is for this reason that many vacuum cleaners are not very efficient in cleaning this type of carpets.

The vacuum cleaners to use should have HEPA filters that are powerful in order to get rid of all the dust and allergens that are a common occurrence in shag carpets. The vacuum cleaner should have big wheels and it should also be light in weight to make it easy to push it.

Plush carpets:  These are the very soft kind of carpets that are the most expensive, yet the most difficult to clean. The vacuum to clean these carpets should have rotating brushes, great airflow and setting to adjust the height of the cleaner. The rotating brushes are important because the carpet can get stains very easily.

The good airflow system is to ease the removal of dust and debris that may have been stuck onto the fibers of the carpet. The adjustable height ensures that you are able to get the cleaner closer to the carpet for more effective cleaning. It is also important that the cleaner has a strong motor and good filtration.

Berber carpets:  For this kind of carpets, ensure you avoid the roller brushes. This is because they tend to greatly damage the fiber of the carpet by pulling it and forming loops. In case your cleaner has these brushes, ensure that they are turned off when you are using it.

The cleaner should have a high power to sanction dust and dirt. A canister cleaner that has a vertical stationary brush can also be used to effectively clean Berber carpets. If the carpet is on the staircase, you can use a collapsible for efficient cleaning of the carpet.

One other very expensive kind of carpet is the frieze carpet. It requires a lot of care when vacuuming to avoid damage of the fibers of the carpet. The best cleaning tool for your carpet in this case should be an upright vacuum cleaner with adjustable height. It should be light in weight and have a beater bush to ensure that all dirt is dislodged from the carpet when cleaning. A canister cleaner is also very effective because the nozzle head is gentle.

To make your life easier, hire a carpet company.