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Great Minds Think the Same Great Paint Color

 I know that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s true. I Googled my finalized paint color (Carolina Inn Aqua Club) so I could show you a better picture of the color that I had chosen for my kitchen walls (my pics sucked) and I came across this GREAT blog “Young House Love”. They used the same paint color for their Master bedroom and does it ever look fantastic. It actually makes me a little nervous that I am using it on my kitchen walls. Maybe it’s not the perfect kitchen wall color, but more of a bedroom wall color? What do you think? Sigh. I think I shouldn’t 2nd guess myself. Oh, and BTW – This blog is AMAZING! Please don’t tell me that I am the last to know about it? I am hooked and even added to my sidebar of blogs I heart.

I did not want to use YHL’s pictures without their permission, so I linked up to their site instead.
Here are my inspirations for the wall color.


Burlap Runner

Yeah, I finally finished it! This actually took me about 2 weeks to complete – start to finish. Only because I was in the midst of doing other crafty things. So last night I made myself stop and iron on the satin ribbon accents since that was all I had left to do. Isn’t it darling? I am really happy with how it turned out. And guess what? No sewing was involved. Which is great for me, since I can’t sew worth a darn. My secret? I used the iron on glue strips (the best invention for the non-sewers like me).

Here’s what I did. I measured out the burlap for space I was going to place the runner. This is on a bookcase that is on its side, up against the back of my leather sectional. To make the ends nice and neat, I used the iron on glue strips. Folded back the ends, used straight pins to hold it and then ironed. Removing the pins and me ironed it. I printed out the word “Serenity” in a font that I loved. I used the word “Serenity” because it makes me feel calm and happy looking at it.
Another thought was to monogrammed it with a “~C~” which would also look great. I then turned the paper over to the back (yes the back) and used charcoal pencils to write the word backward. Place the paper charcoal side down exactly where you want the word to be and using a hard object, firmly go back and forth over the word so the charcoal “word” imprints on the burlap. I then use brown paint to paint over the charcoal. Again – I used the glue strips to iron on the orange satin ribbons. Seriously EASY and I think, rather gorgeous. Looking at the pics, I can see that I need more Fall stuff!