DIY Tips

t’s Official – I’m a baker!

  So in the past I would go on and on about how “I can’t bake” or “I’m not a baker”‘? Well after this past weekend- this has all changed. Going forward I am now going to be known as – a baker! And here is why – My best friend’s hubby asked if I […]

DIY Tips

 Breadbox Makeover 

This weekend was a lazy weekend. I mean lazy as in no makeup, sweats wearing, reading on the couch (and bed) watching football – lazy weekend. Somehow in all that laziness I managed to squeeze in a little spray painting (I can’t help myself, I’m addicted). There in the laundry room sat an old breadbox that I […]

DIY Tips

My Version of Pottery Barn’s Peace Ornaments

  This was a craft project that I did last year and I thought I would share it again. yes I love them that much!  December 22nd 2009 – Last week I showed you that I made these? I first saw them on the cover my of Pottery Barn catalog and I just knew I had to try it. […]

DIY Simple Tips

Burlap Runner

  Yeah I finally finished it! This actually took me about 2 weeks to complete – start to finish. Only because I was in the mist of doing other crafty things. So last night I made myself stop and iron on the satin ribbon accents, since that was all I had left to do. Isn’t it darling? […]

DIY Party Tips

Our Own Little Candyland

  The party is over. It really was a lot of fun, but am I glad it’s over. It was exhausting. My daughter had a great time and told me it was the best party she has ever been too! Her friends told me it was “awesome” and “so cool” so I guess all that […]